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SIRE Inspection Terms & Conditions

Thanks for your request for AMPOL SIRE Inspection.

Please confirm your agreement to the below terms and conditions to process the subject inspection further.

Estimated cost for this inspection will be 5,000.00 US Dollars.

Kindly note that the above figure is only an estimated cost. Any delays due to changes in vessel’s berthing schedule or delays in cargo operations may result in additional costs to cover waiting time.

A cancellation fee shall be charged for a cancellation request raised after the mobilization of an inspector covering inspector's travel and standby cost, as applicable.

No other inspection shall be arranged during the course of the AMPOL SIRE inspection.

Please note that our appointed inspector will be in direct contact with agents using details provided from your side. Kindly ensure that agents and the Master have been accordingly instructed to provide all required support for smooth inspection.

AMPOL, as the inspecting company, agrees to use its best efforts to conduct the inspection in accordance with accepted industry standards, but it is hereby understood and agreed that AMPOL shall have no liability whatsoever for any errors or omissions in the inspection, whether due to negligence or otherwise.

The Inspection report shall be processed via the OCIMF website SIRE database.