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Ampol is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caltex Australia, registered and based in Singapore.

Caltex Australia is Australia’s leading transport fuel supplier and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX code CTX).  Caltex Australia is committed to providing the safe, reliable and competitively-priced supply of fuels to its customers.

Ampol and Caltex together have operated in Australia for over 100 years.

Caltex Australia established Ampol in Singapore in 2013 and from the start of 2014 Ampol has been responsible for managing the sourcing and shipping of gasoline, jet and diesel for Caltex Australia’s. Ampol expanded its operations in 2015, taking on responsibility for sourcing of crude oil, feedstocks, and other products and intermediates for Caltex’s Lytton refinery in Brisbane, Australia.

Operations Map   


In 2012, Caltex Australia announced a restructure of its supply chain, including the 2014 closure of the Kurnell refinery in Sydney, Australia and conversion of the site to the nation's largest transport fuel import terminal.

As a result of this change, Caltex Australia’s supply of transport fuels now comes from a combination of its own refined product from the Lytton refinery and from imported products sourced from global suppliers.

Ampol Singapore is responsible for sourcing all imports and exports of product (gasoline, jet and diesel), crude oil, feedstocks and other intermediates and related shipping to enable the reliable supply of high quality products to locations across Australia as well as the Gull New Zealand business, which is 100% owned by Caltex Australia

In 2018 Caltex Australia entered into a strategic partnership with Seaoil in the Philippines with a 20% equity stake in the company.  With this investment, Ampol Singapore has taken on responsibility for the international supply of products to Seaoil.

Parcel size and receipt capability

Ampol sources products and refining inputs for Caltex Australia to meet its customer requirements in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Caltex Australia’s Infrastructure consists of a range of delivery locations, each with specific requirements.

Conversion of Caltex Australia’s Kurnell refinery to a fuel import terminal has expanded the shipping requirements from Short Range (SR) vessels through to Long Range (LR2) vessels for both gasoline and middle distillates. Because of Caltex Australia’s enduring commitment to supply its customers across diverse geographical locations, Ampol is interested in sourcing to specific supply requirements, including small parcels and combination cargoes.

With the conversion of the Kurnell refinery to an import terminal, Caltex’s crude supply is now focused on the Lytton refinery.  Ampol sources light, sweet crudes for input to the refinery, targeting Aframax and Suezmax parcels. Ampol will also look to complement crude supply with other feedstocks and intermediates, where economic.