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Ampol plays a critical role in Caltex’s supply chain by sourcing gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, crude and feedstock, from a broad range of locations.


With a well-developed international market knowledge and a strong shipping and operational capability, Ampol is able to leverage the Caltex infrastructure, such as the Kurnell terminal and Lytton refinery, in Australia and New Zealand.

Marine Assurance

At Ampol, safety is our highest priority.  Our Marine Assurance team ensures all vessels are of the highest quality and are able to operate safely and effectively.  This extends to all the supply and disport locations and terminals interacting with those vessels.

Our History

Ampol was originally established in 1936 as the Australian Motorists Petrol Company to supply and market petrol across its network of service stations.

In 1965 Ampol’s Oil Refinery in Lytton Queensland, which is still in operation today, was opened. 30 years later Ampol merged with Caltex to become Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd, which in 1997 became Caltex Australia Ltd.

Ampol Singapore was established in 2013.

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